Day One

After a little over a month of paper trading, my account is up over $6,000 USD.  I consider my theories validated.  Real money trading started today, and I am happy to report an unequivocal success; I did not trade a single stock. Continue reading “Day One”

One Year Ago

For a good number of years, I silently wanted to trade stocks for a living.  The idea of not having a boss, being location-independent, and possibly making an unreal amount of money and still having most of the day off work all made for something of legend to me.  But I was in positions where I didn’t feel comfortable telling that to people I knew or were in relationships with, and partly for that, it felt silly to pursue something that so many are vastly unsuccessful in, so I did nothing.  But that’s starting to change (my family won’t know unless I actually make something of it), and I’ve begun studying. Continue reading “One Year Ago”