Choose your own, not the one you grew up with, or the one people imply or outright say you ought to have. Change your hair, your name, your outlook, your mind. Entertain ideas, and when you have in mind what you want, unabashedly go for it. Your deathbed has but one occupant. Quick, no one is looking. Do it.

Brown Leather Memories

“I don’t feel good,” I responded to Sera’s inquiry about noodles for dinner. I was momentarily amused by understanding the difference between saying noodles and saying pasta; noodles implies a dish inspired by Asian cuisine, while pasta implies a dish inspired by Italian cuisine. The moment passed, and I was mentally back in the car, slowing to turn at a stop sign. Clutch, brake, turn signal, look, shift, gas and clutch, turn.

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Joe’s Medulla Oblongata

I’ve been watching Fight Club a lot lately.  It seems an odd thing to say about a movie; it’s not like a series, where the plot changes and characters evolve, but it’s exactly the same, every time. In his 2006 TED talk, Tony Robbins admonishes those who watch the same movie again and again by telling them to, “Get a fucking life.” Fine, Tony, but I’m gonna watch this just a few more times first, just to make sure I don’t have one by your definition.

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