If I Don’t Name Them

For one who wakes at 11:30, 8:00 seems early.

For one who wakes at 8:00, 4:30 seems early, and absurd to the 11:30 riser. Relative standards rule our lives and, “Comfort is the enemy of progress,” a quote by P.T. Barnum, so why not migrate toward a higher standard and, though less comfortable, a more fulfilling life? The answers are many, and most stem from fear and laziness. I’m facing these reactions in myself.

As Sera and I cooked dinner this New Year’s Eve, these thoughts crossed my mind, and we spoke about them. Lately, I’ve been working in these directions, so none of this constitutes a resolution, but as I’ve said before (not on this site), my life is the result of my efforts to these ends. Make no effort, see no change.

That said, I wanna put down some ideas that may seem absurd, and which are out of my comfort zone. Here we go:

– Trade stocks to earn money.

– Earn enough money to buy a Toyota Tacoma, 16′ Scamp (trailer), and a turbine Mosquito (experimental helicopter) in cash ($150,000 total, pre-tax).

– Live nomadically, flying by helicopter and paraglider for fun.

– Train up to doing a full Ironman in 2019.

– Start a non-profit for financially struggling student pilots.

If I don’t name the ideas, they’ll never be real, and if I never pursue them, not only will I hold it against myself, but I’ll never know if I could have. It’s a full load, so I’d better get started.

Happy New Year.

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