20181103 – Realistic Expectations

Back story: I just returned from a 3 week trip in Western Europe.


My first three whole days back in Seattle, with enthusiasm bubbling and intention to hit the ground running, I didn’t do much of anything. I didn’t clean the kitchen, trade stocks, study flight materials, or swim more than 6 measly laps. For that matter, I didn’t run, bike, or otherwise make efforts to be active. For hours upon hours, I did nothing. My head cold played so well with jet lag that I hadn’t the energy to but barely move.


This morning, the start of day 4, was the first since being back where I didn’t wake with seemingly uncorrectably cold body temperature, requiring fleece pants, a hoodie, and a down jacket to just be comfortable at room temperature. It was the first morning since being back that I didn’t wake in a mental fog. I still don’t feel normal, but I’m much closer than I’ve been yet.


It’s times like these that I learned to be kind to myself, to be patient with my human conditions, especially when I’ve placed them against my models and goals. Realistic but challenging aims require that, when called for, the former take greater weight.


Time to walk some dogs, clean an apartment, organize my week, and plan a hike. Time to go for a swim, even if this time, I can only manage 5 laps, because as I know from all my years of mathematical studies, 5 is greater than 0.

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