Day One

After a little over a month of paper trading, my account is up over $6,000 USD.  I consider my theories validated.  Real money trading started today, and I am happy to report an unequivocal success; I did not trade a single stock.

The self-restraint to not trade when the winds don’t blow favorably, is one of several skills I am certain leads to profit, and therefore, the freedom that having well-managed money can lead to.  Certainly, I do not want the money that comes from successful trading nearly as much as I want the peace of mind and freedoms.  One may argue that I was simply afraid to jump in.  I am disinterested in arguing to the contrary, but it’s not true; there really were no stocks that I wanted to trade today.


In place of that, then, I’ve spent time working on stock screeners.  This has not gone very well, but is improving.  In time, they’ll be honed to deliver (more) consistently great trade opportunities for the types of trades I want to partake in.  I’m in no hurry, but am interested in working continuously toward my goals.

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