Here is the first version of my Principles.  It will remain, save typos, unedited, though a second, which will be subject to edits as life evolves, will also be posted for comparison.  As well, for the sake of future iterations and to remain a list, it will not include this paragraph, or the next.  A note on editing: I know tenses and methods of expression don’t match term to term (i.e.: “Gratitude” doesn’t have a verb, but “Be vulnerable” does), but that’s because each is written in the way I feel it best conveys my intent and sentiment.


Part of this is borrowed from a list of lists I wrote on 08 December 2016 called “The Ideal” while on a flight to Kentucky, just days before an looming, catastrophic, and necessary breakup.  Understanding the need for vulnerability and in a moment when honesty’s hand is forced on the self, it was instrumental to realigning, nay finding, myself.  It’s here been combined with thoughts collected over more than a decade, and principles often distilled to three words or less.  These principles are to permeate all categories, and every decision and aspect of my life.  Without further adieu:



– Gratitude

– Be vulnerable

– Simplicity

– Have fun

– Avoid absolute terms

– Experiencing over Conquering

– Experience over  Certainty

– Deliberate Life over Convenient Life

– Time over Money

– Satisfaction over Money

– Relationships over Money

– Freedom over Stuff

– Quality over Quantity

– All In.  All. Fucking. In.

– Eyes open

– Heart open

– Integrity

– “Don’t fight the problem; decide it.” – General George C. Marshall

– “The ability to delay gratification is directly related to success.” – Rudy Klapheke



– Love and take care of the self so as to feel whole, and have something to give

– Friends that feel like family

– Romantic involvement as an option, not a need

– Capacity for both selfishness and love



– Workouts in support of lifestyle

– Through eating, not deprivation

– Body image based on reasonable standards



– Do for the expression

– Simple gear



– Goals, not just “saving for the future”

– Frugality as a tool, not a method of self-denial

– Active investing


Living Space:

– Fully-functioning minimalist

– Low Maintenance

– Art


Self-Employment Ideas:

– Trading

– Start a coffee shop, beginning with a coffee street cart

– Develop programming skills sufficient to be an independent contractor

– Rental properties

– Life / Work balance, in that order


Work for Someone Else Ideas:

<This Space Intentionally Left Blank>


“In preparing for battle I have always found that plans are useless, but planning is indispensable.”

–  Dwight D. Eisenhower

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